Thoughts on the Headlines

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Every time I go into the site to sign into my email, I see all the latest headlines. I always end up looking at them and before I know it I am scrolling down the list and reading various news stories. Unfortunately, there are always bad ones that always seem to include a child’s death. It makes me sick to see what some people do to children. I understand that it happens, but I cannot fathom the reasoning behind a mother helping her boyfriend, rape and murder her 3-year old daughter! There was no love for that sweet child and the other children I read about with the mother or mother’s boyfriend killing a child. If someone does not want a child, then drop them off at the police station, a hospital. Why let a child suffer because someone doesn’t want the responsibility to raise one? There are so many people that will take care of, love and treat that child like it should be. If drugs or a boyfriend are more important to them than a child, then consider giving up that child to families that will put that child first.

Raising a child is a big responsibility that needs not only just love, but patience, understanding, guidance, and even sacrifice on the parent’s part. Also, the necessities that people need in life; shelter, food, clothes, health, hygiene, plus extras. Raising two kids as a single mom is tough, but I made it work. A lot of sacrifice on my part with not being able to buy new clothes for myself, skipped meals, sleeping in the living room of our 2-bedroom apartment. To me, it is all worth it! That is what a parent should feel they need to do. Not harm them or be a part of harming them. I still cannot even begin to understand how anyone would want to molest, rape, or kill their own child. Something that grew inside yourself. Something that was a part of you for almost a year. Feeling a baby kick for the first time was such a tremendous experience! Knowing that there is life inside of you and it is growing. That was when I knew I really was a mother and I was ready to make sure nothing happens to my children.

I will protect my children with my life and would never let anything happen to them. When something does happen to your children and you are helpless to have stopped it, the blame is overwhelming. The guilt of what if or why didn’t I do this? The anger of not being able to do anything about it, is lonely. You feel that no one could really understand, unless it happened to them. What it does to a child and the helplessness in not being able to just simply, “kiss the boo boo,” to make everything better. Support, understanding, guidance and a lot of love will help both parent and child.

I just been thinking about this for a while, because of how many headlines I see. It makes me so angry and sad. I now just jump right to my email because I hate that I can’t do anything about it.

Thanks for listening, (reading!)

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